Stealth government

Tony Blankley has a column today on ever more freedom-destroying regulation by Obama administration and a rare opportunity for conservatives to fight back. (Readers should know that your old friend, the incandescent light bulb is scheduled to become illegal, in a phased manner, beginning in 2012.) Blankley is leisurely in getting to his point, so I will quote last few sentences here:

“And to help [the Republican controlled House], the conservative media and think tanks need to bring much more focus on such abusive regulations. The administration and liberals generally are delighted to let the continuing re-regulation of America continue under the radar.

What we need on our side for fighting regulations is something like Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center (that acts as both a research center and clearinghouse that effectively monitors and publicizes liberal media excesses).

Many conservative think tanks do a good job of studying government regulation. But we desperately need big private funding to gather all that research and focus it upon the media.

With the right resources and attention, 2011 could be a banner year for the deregulation of American life.”
Read more here.

Here is more on unelected bureaucracies stealthily encroaching on freedom in short piece by Aaron Gee in American Thinker. A key sentence:
“One has to wonder if the reason the [FCC rules regulating the Internet] that were issued were so innocuous and provided so much leeway was to prevent a court challenge. If the FCC’s authority goes unchallenged the regulation of the Internet becomes a fait accompli.” Full article here:


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