Herman Cain’s moment

The grave illness of boxing great Joe Frazier brings to mind his chief pugilistic adversary, the unforgettable Ali and the rope-a-dope tactic he employed in a match against George Foreman, of Foreman grill fame. The tactic should have been dusted off by Presidential candidate Herman Cain who could have played it to great advantage in the sexual harassment dust-up…

It is widely reported that Cain had a ten day heads up that the eleven year old S H charges would make news. What a great opportunity for a wily Cain to lie in wait for the media onslaught and calmly introduce himself to the mass of Americans who are not paying attention to the Republican pre-primary skirmishes and the tedious observations of cable news pundits.

With major media outlets irresistibly drawn to the seemingly wounded black conservative, Herman could have held forth expansively under the glare of hostile attention on the big stage; a primed and unflappable Cain could have swatted aside the nebulous and anonymous charges with impressive good cheer and equanimity — to great effect.


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